More JDB media work

Following Rick Santorum’s decision to suspend his campaign have done a little work with the media. This morning I was interviewed by Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, Radio FM4 on the expected direction of Mitt Romney’s campaign and this evening I will be returning to the airwaves to discuss the implications of Santorum’s decision with Richie allen on ITalkFM. Listen live at 4.00 UK time.

JDB Media Work

As February prepares to give way to March my media work continues unabated. This evening will see me in conversation with Richie Allen on ITalkFM discussing the GOP elections in Michigan and Arizona last night and the victories in both states for Mitt Romney.

Tomorrow I shall be in discussion with Radio FM4 in Austria addressing new legislation that would make protesting increasingly problematic in the United States and what this says for the protection of First Amendment rights in the wake of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

On Santorum and the TV

Wow, so who would have anticipated Santorum taking all three states last night? As a result I’ve been on Sky News this morning with Dermot Murnaghan, been interviewed for Pravda by Andrej Matisak, am preparing a piece for The Commentator and will be discussing the results with Richie Allen on ITalkFM this evening at 5.40.  Busy Day…..

JDB on ITalkFM tonight

January is becoming a busy month! After several appearances on Sky News and the BBC, I’m returning to the airwaves this evening with the irrepressible Richie Allen on ITalkFM.

We’ll be discussing the State of the Union address from last night, which could, don’t forget, be Obama’s last…… No, I don’t think it will either, but you never know!

ITalk FM can be accessed on-line and I encourage you to listen live if you can:


JDB and ITalk FM Spain

Following a brief hiatus I am delighted to be teaming up with Richie Allen once more as he makes his triumphant return to the airwaves on the all new ITalk FM, broadcasting to the European continent across the Iberian peninsula and to the world on the internet at:

I am delighted to have been asked to join in on their first day on air and wish Richie and the team even success in this new and exciting venture.

I’ll be discussing a range of issues with Richie during his show on Monday November 7, including the current state of politics in the US, where I have been recently, taking the pulse of all that is going on over here, and I have to say, it’s not looking good for the president right now!

Tune in on Monday to find out more!

JDB in Conversation with Richie Allen on Talk Radio Europe

I will be returning to the airwaves this evening in my capacity as the Chief North American Correspondent for Talk Radio Europe.

I will be joining Richie Allen’s Evening Show to discuss the financial situation in the United States and the implications for President Obama’s re-election campaign. What impact will this standoff with the Republicans have for the forthcoming presidential election season?

In a wide-ranging session I will also be addressing the growing ramifications of the phone hacking saga as it crosses the Atlantic to draw in former members of Fleet Street now working in the US.

Tune in to hear me discuss these vital issues with Richie Allen on The Tonight Show at 18.00 UK time, 13:00 EST.

Talk Radio Europe is available on-line at

JDB Live on Talk Radio Europe Tonight

I will be talking with Richie Allen on Talk Radio Europe’s Tonight Show, from 7pm London Time, that’s 8pm in Europe and 2pm in New York.

Expect to hear my thoughts and observations on a raft of issues that have arisen in the last few weeks including my take on the White House reaction to the events in Egypt and Libya.

Obama, U.S. foreign policy and the role that the British government is playing will all likely be covered, so tune in if you can.

Talk Radio Europe can be accessed on the internet at and you can listen live and on-line through the options available at