I have delivered engaging and thought-provoking material that address American Twentieth Century history, politics and foreign policy/grand strategy at British universities for the last ten years. I am currently Professor of International Political Studies at Richmond University (London) where I have taught extensively in the areas of American politics and history, covering foreign and domestic policy, as well as international relations at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

From 2012-2015 I held  a prestigious Visiting Senior Research Fellowship at King’s College, London, where I researched U.S. Grand Strategy for my book on President Clinton’s role in shaping U.S. foreign policy.

I was a member of Chatham House’s U.S. Foreign Policy Discussion Board, served as an external examiner for the U.S. Politics & Foreign Policy postgraduate programs at Birkbeck College (2012-2105) and was a Visiting Fellowship at the University of North Dakota in 2010. I am delighted to present a selection of academic materials on this site.

Please contact me to discuss potential lectures or public discussions.


Richmond University, London

Professor of International Political Studies (2018-)

Associate Professor of International Political Studies (2010-18)

Director, International Relations Postgraduate Programme (2010-2012)

Assistant Professor (2006-2010)

King’s College, London

Visiting Senior Research Fellow (2012-2015)

University of North Dakota (Centre for Human Rights/Genocide)

Visiting Fellow (2010)

Syracuse University (London) 

Consulting Professor (2006-2011)

De Montfort University, Leicester

Adjunct Lecturer (2006)

Leicester University

Adjunct Lecturer (2006)

University of Gloucester, Cheltenham

Adjunct Lecturer (2005)

University of Birmingham

Assistant Lecturer/Tutor (2003-2006)

Courses Delivered

The United States: Superpower in Decline? (Richmond, 2010-)

U.S. Foreign Policy (Richmond, 2006-)

U.S. Politics (Richmond, 2006-)

American History: Versailles to Vietnam (Richmond, 2006-)

Foreign Policy Analysis (Richmond, 2007-)

Comparative Political Systems (Richmond, 2006-2012)

Globalisation and Power Networks (AIFS, (2006-2009)

Introduction to Politics (Richmond 200-2015)

Major Political Thinkers (Richmond 2006)

The American Presidency (Richmond 2008)

Hollywood and History (Richmond, 2007)

America: A Foreign Perspective (Syracuse, 2006-11)

Globalisation and International Relations (Richmond, 2006)

U.S. Foreign Policy (De Montfort University, 2006)

American Foreign Policy in the Cold War (Leicester, 2006)

Freedom and Slavery in the U.S. 1860-1865 (Gloucester, 2005)

American History 1890-1990 (Birmingham 2003-2006)

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