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(2018) Clinton’s War of Terror (Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner)

(2016) Hillary Rising (London: Biteback Publishing)

(2015)  Clinton’s Grand Strategy: US Foreign Policy in a Post-Cold War World  (London: Bloomsbury)

Book Chapters

(2009) “JFK: The Exceptional Ideal?” in JFK: History, Memory, Legacy: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry, eds. John Williams, Robert G. Waite and Gregory Gordon (University of North Dakota Press)

(2009) “E-Government: Big Brother or Athenian Democracy,” in Proceedings of the IADIS International Conference e-society 2009: Volume II, eds. Piet Kommers and Pedro Isaías (Barcelona, Spain), 13-17.

Articles and Reports

(2015) ‘The Presidential Manipulation of Inherited Wars of Choice: Barack Obama’s Use of Nixonian Methods as Commander-In-Chief,’ Congress and the Presidency, October 42/3

(2014) ‘Exploiting Inherited Wars of Choice: Obama’s Use of Nixonian Methods to Secure the Presidency,’ American Politics Research, January

(2013) ‘Leon Panetta’s Farewell Speech at King’s College, London,’ BISA International Studies Today Magazine, Summer. (p.16)

(2012) ‘Lost Opportunity: The Flawed Implementation of Assertive Multilateralism, 1991-93’ European Journal of American Studies, December

(2012) ‘Intelligence Design: UK Intelligence in a Changing World‘ with a foreword by Rt. Hon. Liam Fox, M.P. The Bow Group

(2011) ‘What’s So Extraordinary About Rendition?’ International Journal of Human Rights, Volume 15, Issue 4

(2009) with M. Keating, ‘The Policy Brief: Building Practical Skills in International Relations and Political Science,’ in Politics, ed. Dr Alasdair Young, October

(2004) ‘Clinton and Europe: The Transatlantic Relationship’ 49th Parallel Journal, Issue 14, Summer

(2003) ‘Assessing Clinton’s Culpability for September 11,’ 49th Parallel Journal, Issue 10, Spring

(2003) ‘With us or against us: Cultural Projections and US Foreign Policy after 9/11,’ 49th Parallel Journal, Issue 10, Spring

(2002) ‘Two Years in the White House, Clinton’s Foreign Policy 93-95,’ 49th Parallel Journal, Issue 9, Spring


Commentator Articles

(2013) ‘Obama’s Long Flight to Nowhere,’ The Commentator

(2013 ‘Explaining America’s Stance on the Falklands,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘Obama’s Licence to Kill,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘The John and William Show,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘How Not to Solve Political Differences,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘What a State,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘Obama and the Middle East: Change We Can Believe In?’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘No More Droning On About Unmanned Aerial Aircraft?’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘The Inaugural: Obama-licious,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘The Lost Promise of a Second Term,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘Obama’s Foreign Policy Team Emerges…Eventually,’ The Commentator

(2013) ‘Obama Still Has a Job. How About You, Mr. Speaker?’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Wanted: Political Honesty and Courage on Gun Control,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Right, then? Where Now for the Republican Party?’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘TIME for a real ‘Person of the Year’ this year?’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Continuing Kennedy Legacy in US Politics’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Obama’s Second Term Foreign Policy Priorities’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Considering Obama’s Second Term Foreign Policy Team’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Welcome To the Eye of the Storm’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘So What Do You Americans Have to Offer The World?’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Romney’s Challenge: Getting 270 from 7.9’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Obama’s Perfect Storm’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Race and the Republican Party’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Two Weeks To Save a Presidency’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Round 3: Romney is Still Standing’ The Commentator

(2012) “Obama’s Nuclear Game Changer?” The Commentator

(2012) “Round 2: Romney Continues Unabated?” The Commentator

(2012) “Is Ryan Just Biden His Time?” The Commentator

(2012) “How To Debate (Mitt Romney Style…),” The Commentator

(2012) “Mitt’s Big Night,” The Commentator

(2012) “The Great Debates,” The Commentator

(2012) “So Much for 2012…Bring on 2016,” The Commentator

(2012) “Romney: Throwing It All Away?” The Commentator

(2012) “Role Reversal in the US Presidential Election,” The Commentator

(2012) “The Whistleblower Culture,” The Commentator

(2012) “Ann Romney: Pin-Up Girl of the GOP,” The Commentator

(2012) “Sex and the GOP: The Republicans Can’t Afford To Wage a War on Women,” The Commentator

(2012) “Considering the Ryan Nomination,” The Commentator

(2012) “Death of a Critic: Gore Vidal,”  The Commentator

(2012) “National Security: The Government Has Made a Good Start, But There’s A Lot More To Do,” Conservative Home

(2012) “In the Cross-Hairs of History: Gun Control in America,” The Commentator

(2012) “Race, Romney and the NAACP,” The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Missed Opportunity of the Joint Strategy Board,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Lights, Camera, Inaction: Obama’s Bankrupt Culture,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Supreme Test,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Pattern of Scandal in American Political Life,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘America’s Place in the World’  The Commentator

(2012) ‘Stick or Twist, “Kill or Capture”: Obama & Bush Policy,’  The Commentator

(2012) ‘Obama Re-writes the History of the Vietnam War,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Approaching Veep-stakes,’  The Commentator

(2012) ‘Is Obama’s Gadar Malfunctioning?’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Courting Bubba: Bill Clinton and the 2012 Election,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Obama Misses his ‘One Chance,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘Blood, Sweater-Vests and Tears: The April 24 Showdown That Never Was,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Closing of the New Frontier: Obama and the Death of the American Space Programme,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Special, Unique, Essential Relationship,” The Commentator

(2012) ‘Mitt Romney: An Edsel Not a Lincoln,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘The Maine Event?,’ The Commentator

(2012) ‘In the Heartland: Three States, Two Losers, One Winner,” The Commentator

(2012) ‘With Days to Go, Perry Drops Out,’’ The Commentator


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