Clinton’s Grand Strategy: U.S. Foreign Policy in a Post-Cold War World to be published by Bloomsbury

I am delighted to announce that I have signed a book contract that will see my research into the Clinton Administration’s Grand Strategy published by Bloomsbury. The book will be available simultaneously in hardback, paperback and electronically and will be listed for pre-order on Amazon in the coming months, with publication anticipated for Christmas 2014.

About the Book

Examining the policy making process and the implications that theses decisions had on the global stage, Clinton’s Grand Strategy: U.S. Foreign Policy in a Post-Cold War World will draw on interviews with leading members of the former Clinton National Security Council and his foreign policy team.  The book examines the evolution and execution of U.S. Grand Strategy during the Clinton Administration (1993-2001), exploring the manner in which policy was devised, the characters responsible for its development, the philosophical and political factors that shaped it and the way in which the policy was implemented.

Clinton’s Grand Strategy was designed to address the world in the aftermath of the Cold War and the book will cover the dramatic events that affected its implementation. The manner in which these events shaped or hindered policy implementation will be considered in detail, as will tensions that existed between the abstract task of developing policy and the challenges of implementation in a constantly evolving world system. Drawing on materials and interviews with those who knew and worked in the administration, this book places Clinton’s Grand Strategy in sharp relief, detailing the evolution of the president and his administration from their early days in office as they sought to come to terms with the power at their disposal, through their two terms in the White House as they attempted to implement their grand design.

About Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is a leading global publisher with offices in London, Sydney, New York, Doha and New Delhi. Bloomsbury is home to  Harry Potter, Jay McInerney and the Churchill Archive. In 2013 the Academic & Professional Division was awarded two Independent Publishers Guild awards: Independent Publisher of the Year and Academic & Professional Publisher of the Year. The division was also shortlisted for two Bookseller Industry Awards: Academic, Educational & Professional Publisher of the Year and Digital Strategy of the Year.


JDB on Monocle24’s ‘Midori House’

I had the great pleasure of appearing on Monocle24 Radio yesterday with Phil Han and Emma Nelson. I was invited along to appear on the show, Midori House as their daily ‘Agenda Setter’ which allowed me to discuss a series of issues and news stories that are developing in the media. I chose to focus on issues surrounding freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of protest and freedom of travel.

I addressed these in relation to the death of Lady Thatcher, the right to travel to Cuba and the developments regarding North Korea.

The show is available for your listening pleasure HERE

JDB Media Coverage of John Kerry’s Visit to UK

I’m happy to report that it’s been a busy day with the new U.S. Secretary of State in town. John Kerry flew into London late Sunday night ahead of breakfast meeting with Prime Minister, David Cameron, in Downing Street this morning before meeting with Foreign Office officials including the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, at lunchtime.

I have been involved in media coverage of the event throughout the day, providing comment to FM4 Radio in Austria this over breakfast, Monocle24 Radio mid-morning, BBC Radio Five Live at lunchtime and finally discussing the visit on The Brenner Brief this evening.

The new SecStat was at pains to stress the importance of the Special Relationship and declared that it was ‘no accident’ that his first overseas visit was to London, hopefully dispelling too many concerns over the notion of a Pacific Pivot by the Obama Administration. His sentiments on this issue mirror those expressed by former U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta in a speech made at King’s College London in January.

Whilst the following image will not win me any extra followers, I thought it was fun, taken at the New Broadcasting House headquarters of the BBC in central London.


JDB on The Brenner Brief Monday Night

I am delighted to announce that I will be returning to the international airwaves on Monday evening as a guest of Sara Marie Brenner on The Brenner Brief, broadcast out of Ohio. I will be discussing the latest developments in U.S. politics and focusing upon the deployment of drones on the African continent.

For details of the show, how to listen in and for news on other guests, click HERE

JDB and Sky News Sunrise

I am delighted to announce that my media coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election will continue on Sunday, November 4, with a rolling three-hour appearance on Sky News Sunrise.

I will be presenting an assessment of the media coverage the race has received in the UK, heading into the final days of the campaign.

Tune in to Sky News Sunrise between 06:00 and 09:00 on Sunday morning to hear my thoughts as America prepares to vote.

JDB Podcast for The All New Commentator

I’ve said it before, and I daresay that I shall say it again, but one of the great joys of this year has been the developing relationship I have established with the great team at The Commentator. In addition to the weekly column on US related affairs I have been making a contribution to their podcast series, “We Need To Talk…”

Ably anchored by the always-erudite, increasingly dapper (although you can’t tell just by listening) Raheem J. Kassam, these broadcasts are great fun to record and I hope that this is conveyed in the finished version.

I sat down with Raheem and Christian J. May on Friday evening to address a range of issues, including this week’s presidential debates and I invite you to sit back, relax, kick out the cat and listen to what we had to say:


Podcast with The Commentator

One of the great joys of the past year has been my developing relationship with the team that put together The Commentator. They work tirelessly to put together an informative and engaging publication and I am delighted to be a Contributing Editor, producing my weekly article for them on the latest developments in the United States.

This week I have been involved in their latest venture, The Commentator’s podcast, “We Need to Talk…” I sat down with The Commentator’s high-flying Executive Editor, Raheem J. Kassam and Christian J. May of Media Intelligence Partners to discuss the week’s developments in the United States, Russia, Israel, Iran and the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.


Paul Ryan as Romney’s VP Running Mate

It’s always nice to be awoken with breaking news from leading broadcasters. So it was this morning when I was informed of the breaking news by my contacts at Sky. Within hours I was live on set and considering the implications of Ryan’s place on the Republican ticket.

I will be writing more on this topic later in the week but for now, enjoy my appearance on Sky News from this morning….



Frontline: Money, Power and Wall Street

The ward-winning PBS series Frontline premiers a new show documenting the apex of power in American life in which Wall Street gets bailed out, Main Street doesn’t and the terrible implications that this had for democracy in the United States.

The show documents the largest single sector in the American economy, double the size of manufacturing sector. With the power to make and break fortunes, 11 trillion dollars of American net worth has been lost in the recent recession along with 8.5 million jobs. Calls were made for the prosecution of the banking sector, although ultimately the Occupy Wall Street movement took hold on the streets if not necessarily in the courts.

Hearings held since 2008 reveal a regulatory system that was inappropriate to oversee the modern financial system and financial vehicles that appear to defy explanation. The Frontline programme seeks to explain the origins of the crisis and the efforts by financiers to reduce risk in the system.

The show interviews reporters, analysis and the very instigators of the financial vehicles that came to cause so much inadvertent damage to the world ‘s economic system, as the JP Morgan team elected to take a model that had worked previously in the agriculture market and applied it to the financial market to reduce exposure and risk to the bank.

The show attempts to explain the new financial vehicles that led ultimately to the collapse of the  markets and of entire companies. Risk was traded and it fuelled a credit boom. The acronyms and financial data remains boggling for those of us not involved but the show does its best to explain it in easy to consume language.

In this it mostly succeeds, but the whole point perhaps is that the confusing element is essential to the reason that that occurred in the first place, allowing for sub prime market deals to be bundled together and sold around the world, ensuring that when the crash occurred it hit places that had no connection to their origins.

The documentary covers where things went wrong, where we are now, and what is yet to come. As always, Frontline is fascinating and insightful and makes for recommended viewing when it screens on May 28 on Sky Channel 166.