Intelligence Design: UK National Security in a Changing World

After months of research and interviews, editing and designing, my report for the Bow Group is finally available:

Intelligence Design by Dr James D. Boys

I am delighted that Rt. Hon Dr. Liam Fox, MP, the UK’s former Defence Secretary, has been kind enough to provide a most gracious foreword to the report. Better still, he hand delivered a copy of the report to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, yesterday afternoon. In his foreword Dr. Fox was kind enough to note, “The report’s author, Dr. James D. Boys, is to be applauded for adopting a non-partisan approach to this vital area of national security and for noting advances and errors by the two main political parties… this is clearly a time of evolution and change within the U.K.’s national security architecture. Having initiated bold moves, it is in the long-term interest of the country for the Coalition Government to urgently address the current system and I hope that it notes the recommendations made in this paper.”

The report addresses a series of issues relating to the Americanization of the UK Intelligence architecture. It considers the appropriateness of this and the potential benefits or drawbacks that this could bring. The paper addresses the historical basis for this development and addresses the positive moves made by recent UK governments to challenge the status quo that has lasted for far too long and given rise to an ad hoc approach to decision-making in Whitehall.

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