JDB Returns to the Airwaves with Talk Radio Europe

I will be returning to the airwaves this evening in my capacity as the Chief North American Correspondent for Talk Radio Europe.

Having returned recently from the United States I will be analysing President Obama’s options with regard to the debt ceiling and any impact that the standoff with Republicans may have on the president’s bid for re-election next year.

I will also be addressing the growing international ramifications of the ongoing saga centred on the Murdoch empire as it threatens to consume key members of British society and comes ever closer to David Cameron’s doorstep. What will happen if the crisis crosses the Atlantic?

Tune in to hear me discuss these vital issues with Richie Allen on The Tonight Show at 19.30 UK time, 14:30 EST.

Talk Radio Europe is available on-line at http://www.talkradioeurope.com/assets/mediaplayer.php

2 thoughts on “JDB Returns to the Airwaves with Talk Radio Europe

  1. Love your work and views, but can’t believe you intend to be interviewed by Richie Allen – a very poor talk radio host and far too opinionated.

    1. Hi Kizz
      I very much appreciate your kind words and hope that you have signed up to my Twitter feed (@jamesdboys).
      I must disagree with regard to Richie, however. One of the great challenges in working with the media is that most hosts have tiny egos and seek only to demonstrate their mastery of events with a fig leave of knowledge.
      Richie actually allows for a conversation to occur and for ideas to develop on air, which is an all too rare occurrence.
      I hope that you will continue to visit the web site and to provide me with your thoughts on my work.

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